• Dedicated NVIDIA Tesla V100 32 GB
    Dedicated access to a Tesla V100 32 GB and 12 CPU Cores.
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    All our Instances are powered by a straight Docker layer.
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NVIDIA Tesla V100 32 GB
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NVIDIA Tesla V100 32 GB

Each Instance has a dedicated NVIDIA Tesla V100 with 32 GB of memory. Besides this powerful GPU the Instance also features dedicated access to 12 CPU cores with 2 threads each. Our NVIDIA Tesla V100 Instances are built for maximum performance. We don´t know what vCores are.

The Foundation: Docker

We love Docker. Do you? If so, you can get started right away with our NVIDIA GPU Instance.

Use our pre-built Docker images or use any other Docker image.

We use Docker for all our Instances. So you can use images from your own or from public or private repositories.

Performance to the Max

Our decentralized and 100% green infrastructure uses no additional virtualization other than Docker. No virtual hardware like vCPUs. Just dedicated CPU cores (each with two threads), RAM, SSD and of course GPUs.

This allows us to achieve maximum performance, agility and simplicity. Exactly what other large providers can no longer provide.

ExaMesh Instances: Cheap, simple, super fast and environmentally friendly.

All Our Instances Are Environmentally Friendly

Already in 2019, we were the first provider to run HPC Instances with 100% green energy. We don’t just use co2 certificates to do this. All of our servers run inside green power plants.

Here you can see how we install the V100 Instances in one of our wind turbines.

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Fast. Docker. Green. What Else?

Besides fast deployable pre-built Images, a straight Docker layer, 100% green energy we also offer:
24/7/365 Support

Whenever and no matter what the request. We are there for you.


Accounts can be used by multiple members of your team and manage any number of Instances and SSH keys.


Management of each Instance is always possible via SSH and your command line.


Nobody knows the exact location of your Instance. Our infrastructure is decentralized.