Pi Instance

  • Dedicated Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
  • No additional virtualization aside from Docker
  • Pre-built Docker images
    Start immediately with our Debian base image
  • Public IP
  • Directly on the edge and always on green power

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60 minutes, no credit card required.
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
0 CPU Cores
0 Mbit/s

$2.68 per month, taxes may apply

Pre-built Images

Modern applications need a comprehensive foundation. Even more so when it comes to frameworks and their dependencies. With our pre-built ExaMesh images we offer the perfect basis to start your own application, hosted on a dedicated Pi.

The following images from the ExaMesh repository are currently available:

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Docker Is the Foundation

Our stack is based on Docker. Therefore, it is possible that any Docker image can be deployed on our decentralized infrastructure.

Custom, private and public images can be used. Whether it is pulled from Docker Hub, Amazon ECR, GitHub, a private registry, or any other registry based on the open source Docker Registry Server.

Easy Setup

You don´t even know how Docker works or you´re just familiar with the basics? No problem.

Our simple setup allows anyone to deploy an Instance with just a few clicks. Even if there is no knowledge about Compose or YAML.

Choose an ExaMesh image and just deploy it. No need to update the automatically generated Docker Compose or anything else.

One Instance That Can Do Everything

Use the Pi Instance just like you want to, for example:

Real Edge. Real Green Energy.

All of our Instances are operated within renewable energy plants. This is not only CO2-neutral but also on the edge. During checkout you can choose your desired region.

Our edge data centers are always in operation. Even when there is no renewable energy available. Eventually, all plants are directly connected to the public power grid.

Try Now for Free

To help you get to know our simple Docker system, we offer a 60 minute trial period.

The performance of any trial is just like that of a paid one. Perfect for a first look & feel.

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Fast. Docker. Green. What Else?

Besides fast deployable pre-built Images, a straight Docker layer, 100% green energy we also offer:
24/7/365 Support

Whenever and no matter what the request. We are there for you.


Accounts can be used by multiple members of your team and manage any number of Instances and SSH keys.


Management of each Instance is always possible via SSH and your command line.


Nobody knows the exact location of your Instance. Our infrastructure is decentralized.