About Us

Our motivation, goals and why we founded ExaMesh GmbH

Our Motivation

Digitization is a rapidly growing market every year. Computing power is needed everywhere to enable digital applications. But huge amounts of computing power requires huge amounts of energy.

We have a lot of energy in our Renewable Energy (RE) power plants. Can’t we generate computing power with our energy and thus achieve a secondary revenue stream for our wind turbines? Enter ExaMesh.

Energy and digital are the core competencies of the founding team. We linked the two and founded ExaMesh GmbH.

Here in our home country of Germany, the need is particularly urgent because RE plants will drop out of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) in 2021. The energy industry does not seem to offer a solution. RE plants need a secondary revenue stream for their wind power plants to enable them to continue operating.

Our Goal

We want to redirect income from the computing power market to operators of RE plants to enable them to generate more revenue.

Our goal is a second revenue stream for RE plants and the establishment of a green digital infrastructure in Germany and then worldwide.

The Edge Data Center

We have developed the Edge Data Center (EDC), which can be used in all larger RE plants (> 100 kWe). Whether wind power plants, solar parks or biogas plants, our EDC works everywhere thanks to IP55 certification. RE plant owners lease the EDC from us and thus become the proprietor of a data center, but ExaMesh handles the installation and operation.

Operators need neither an understanding of technology, nor do they have to worry about operation, maintenance or anything else. This is covered by our ExaMesh Full-Service Promise.

A Network of EDCs

We are interconnecting the EDCs into a network to connect the computing jobs to the systems on which computing capacity is free.

We are building the largest network of data centers in Germany over the next few years.

High Performance Computing

High-performance servers in the EDCs can perform training jobs for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

With our platform for computing power, ExaMesh EDCs, we serve this extremely strong growth market – worldwide. Because computing power knows no borders or languages.

Green HPC Seal

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