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We are already operating the edge infrastructure of tomorrow. Our edge data centers are actually located at the real edge. They are operated entirely in renewable energy plants distributed all over the country.

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In the decentralized cloud

Real Edge

Our servers are available right at the edge. For us, edge is not the data center in the industrial park of a large city. Our edge data centers are distributed throughout Germany in renewable energy plants. True edge on the infrastructure of tomorrow.

EU Privacy

Data centers in Germany undoubtedly lead to EU data protection. And that is a good thing. Not only do we protect our customers’ data, but we are data protection proponents ourselves. AI or Pi Instances are not usable without secure RSA SSH keys.

Maximum Flexibility

We are decentralized and structured in small teams. This enables us to respond to the most diverse requests of our customers. For example, the edge gateways can be equipped with sensors at many locations, depending on the customer’s needs. Colocation, HPC, Pi Hosting and more.

Tomorrow’s Cloud, Today

We are privacy supporters, respect privacy, and want to make the cloud better.

Decentralized data centers are on the agenda of both the BMWi and the European cloud initiative GAIA-X. ExaMesh is a member of the first hour and among others located in the consortium “Infrastructure”.

What the german government says about our edge data centers:

Impressions of Our Edge Data Centers in Germany

We currently operate our own edge data centers in solar parks and wind farms. In solar parks, converted sea freight containers are used. In wind power plants, any free space can be used. No matter whether biogas, solar or wind power plant: Our Edge DC Rack, developed in cooperation with Schneider Electric, is always used.

Air-conditioned, self-sufficient and portable rack

EDC in the base of a wind turbine

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