A Second Revenue Stream for Renewable Energy Plants

The ExaMesh Edge Data Center (EDC) is a self-sufficient and portable server system designed to be housed in Renewable Energy (RE) plants.

We install one in your plant and then we sell the computing power generated by the EDC for you, but you share in the revenue.  So all you have to do is sit back and watch as this second revenue stream bulks up your bottom line.

Edge Data Center (EDC)

Your RE Plant as a Data Center
  • Guaranteed second revenue stream
  • Full service: installation and management
  • Marketing of EDC computing power by ExaMesh
  • Only about 5% of your energy is required to power the EDC
  • Comfortable leasing model

The Edge Data Center (EDC)

The ExaMesh Edge Data Center (EDC) is a self-sufficient and portable server system that is optimized for use in RE plants. We handle the operational side: from installation to maintenance and everything in between. We also handle the marketing of the computing power from your EDC. This is what we call the ExaMesh Full-Service Promise!

You do not have to deal with IT technology or spend your own time operating your EDC. The ExaMesh Full-Service Promise covers all aspects of the smooth operation of your EDC in your RE plant.

We evaluate your site and then handle all planning, installation, commissioning, maintenance and marketing of the computing power for you.

And: We guarantee you a second revenue stream, through which your system can operate more economically.

Why in RE Plants?

At the end of 2020, the remuneration from the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) for up to 6,000 first-generation wind turbines will end. Due to the lack of economic efficiency, they threaten to be switched off. In 2021, 4,000 MW, and by 2025 more than 16,000 MW of green electricity would disappear from the energy grid. A major setback in the fight against the climate catastrophe.

With the EDC, we have developed a solution outside of the energy market that enables additional revenue for plant operators. Together we can redirect income from the digital market to save wind turbines.

Because the nationwide distribution of wind power and other RE plants in Germany enables the establishment of a decentralized digital infrastructure that is urgently needed for new technologies such as edge computing, which is in the starting blocks.

Become part of the Germany-wide EDC network with your plant: For digitization. For the environment.

This is why we have to ensure continued operation in Germany

Important facts about the EEG and the upcoming expiry of the feed-in tariff for wind turbines.

PLANTS drop out of the EEG in 2021


MW threatened from 2021


MW yearly threatened after 2021

Installation of the first EDC

The installation of the first EDC in our own wind power plant, a Nordtank 600 60/43 near Leipzig.

Would you like to add a second revenue stream to your RE plant?

Let´s talk. There is no commitment.
We will take care of your request as soon as possible!

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