AI Docker Instances

  • Dedicated GPU, CPU, RAM and SSD.
  • No additional virtualization other than Docker.
  • Pre-built Docker Images
    with NVIDIA GPU drivers and KI frameworks.
  • Works with any other Docker image/registry.
  • 100% green electricity

Start a new Instance

60 minutes, no credit card required.
1x NVIDIA Tesla V100 32 GB

$1.87 per hour


Each of our Instances contains 12 real CPU cores with two threads each and no so-called vCPUs like those offered by other providers. Plus, 150% more RAM and 25% more SSD storage than comparable packages.

AI Docker Instances in Wind Power Plants

The world’s first Instances that are powered by green electricity, and are housed in wind, solar and other green power plants.

Ready to go in Just Four Steps

Thanks to our ready-made Docker base images with NVIDIA GPU drivers and AI frameworks, there are just four steps to get a running AI Docker Instance. For example, to operate any PyTorch or TensorFlow application.

Create an Account

Click on “Create your account” to register and then please confirm your email address.

Book an Instance

After logging in, click on “Test instance now” to create a free instance. No payment information required. No automatic renewal.

Store your SSH key

Store the public SSH key for your instance under “My Account” in the “Settings” menu.

Set up your Instance

Select one of our pre-built images or any image from any Docker registry you like. Deploy with just a few clicks and off you go.

Coming Soon to Many More Regions

The first Instances are in operation in the Munich area (solar) and the Leipzig area (wind).

The next areas are already in the planning and implementation phase: it will soon be possible to choose from a large number of locations when booking an Instance.

Of course, always in green power plants.

More about the AI Docker Instances

Our documentation and FAQ help with the most common questions about our AI Docker Instances. And if that is not enough, our support system is the direct link to us.


Answers to common questions.


We are happy to help individually.